By James Wells in Hong Kong

Karma Tequila, a premium tequila made in the highlands of Jalisco State in Mexico, is preparing to enter the Australian market in early 2015.

In an interview with TheShout at the Hong Kong Wine & Spirits Exhibition, Karma Tequila co-owners Devin Semler and Gary Eisenberger said there are plans to enter the Australian market next year, but a distribution deal has not been confirmed at this stage.

There are three products in the Karma Tequila range – a Silver which is bottled immediately after distillation, a Reposado which is aged for 364 days in bourbon barrels and an Anejo which is aged up to six years.

“We look forward to bringing this tequila to Australia, we look forward to being in Australia, we look forward to drinking with you, and we look forward to supporting you,” said Semler.

Watch the video below to hear more from the Karma Tequila team.

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