In a country battling with water supplies from precious river systems and delicate springs and wells, a Sydney based company has come up with an innovative way of producing high quality drinking water from fruit, giving our water tables much needed relief.
The method utilised in making water from fruit incorporates the process of making fruit concentrates. Typically fruit concentrates are made from steaming the fruit and 3 out of 4 litres are ‘steamed’ off to make the end product.
Here’s the secret: Karpati Water is made from a ‘pressure-chilling’ process which retains the high quality fruit water and makes a great tasting fruit concentrate as well. The water is left without the fruit flavour and is bottled local to Sydney, again reducing the carbon footprint.
So without disturbing the water table balance like other bottled waters drawing from our precious rivers, springs and artesian wells, Karpati Water provides a means of using less energy to make fruit concentrate and reduces water wastage by close to 75%.
Another reason to buy Karpati Water: water from fruit is h2o18 rather than h2o16. What does this mean? Water from fruit, and h2o18 generally is scientifically proven to keep you hydrated longer as it is retained in plants whilst h2o16, predominant in tap, spring and artesian waters evaporates with relative ease.
Karpati Water has been trialled in various cafes, restaurants and catering companies in the last month and is now launching to wider Sydney. Invariably it has received praise for its great taste and presentation.
If you drink bottled water (which most of us do), you can be the first to buy this water and help reduce the impact and wastage on the environment this summer by writing to or calling on 0429 661 814.

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