As Australia prepares for another summer of potentially record-breaking heat, hotel owners are concerned with keeping guests comfortable. But more air con, they know, is not the answer; in fact, in many cases, it makes no sense at all.

First is the issue of expense: cooling already takes the biggest chunk – nearly a quarter – of hotels’ electric bills, according to the Australian Hotels Association.

But furthermore, the wide use of indoor-outdoor spaces makes more air con virtually out of the question in many situations; besides the cost, that kind of wastefulness has gone the way of the dodo. Sophisticated modern hoteliers want cooling methods that are planet-friendly as well as pocket-friendly, and they must look great and perform flawlessly, too.

It’s a tall order, but Big Ass Solutions in Brisbane is up to the task.

Available from 2.4m to a massive 4.3m in diameter, the company’s Essence commercial fan has the power and reach to cool large areas, such as lobbies and terraces. In tighter quarters, such as guest rooms and bars, the Haiku line offers exactly what hotel and restaurant owners need.

Both Essence and Haiku pair sleek, contemporary design with incredibly energy-efficient motors. And both fans are damp-rated, so they can be placed in covered spaces, such as alfresco dining and outdoor pub areas.

Indoors, Essence and Haiku reduce air con use without decreasing guest comfort. By relying on the fans to circulate cooler nighttime air, managers can delay turning on the air con for several hours. And as the day grows hotter, the fans make guests and staff feel up to 6°C cooler, allowing for less air con use. Big Ass Fans run on less than $1 of electricity per day, which makes 30 per cent energy savings attainable.

People choose a holiday destination for a variety of reasons, but the first thing every guest expects in a hotel is comfort. With Big Ass Fans to keep the air moving, guests’ thermal comfort is guaranteed. Hotel owners can rest easy, too, knowing that the price of that comfort is just a silver coin a day.

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