Kegstar, part of global supply-chain company Brambles, has announced its acquisition of Keg Lease Pty Ltd, a specialist keg leasing company focused on the Australian craft beer industry.

Kegstar has incorporated the Keg Lease activities and existing keg fleet into its current operations to provide brewers and other beverage manufacturers with the flexibility of both keg pooling (rental) and keg leasing services.

Kegstar General Manager, Nick Boots, commented: “This exciting acquisition provides Kegstar customers with with a broader variety of flexible keg management options to match their needs. Having a comprehensive leasing option alongside Kegstar’s well-established keg pooling solutions will be attractive to a broader catchment of producers. We will launch the Keg Lease business in New Zealand in October, also to complement our existing pooling operations, and are actively exploring complimentary expansion opportunities in H2 FY17 and beyond.”

Keg Leasing allows producers to brand kegs under lease and use them exclusively while negating the need to purchase premium stainless steel kegs, conserving precious working capital that can be invested elsewhere.

Kegstar first launched in 2012 with 880 kegs, one person and one customer. Global supply chain logistics company Brambles acquired a 30% stake in Kegstar in March 2014 and took complete ownership on 1 December 2015. In Australia and New Zealand, Kegstar now owns in excess of 130,000 kegs that it rents and leases to more than 250 customers each year. Kegstar also has operations in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and launched in the USA in April 2017.

For more information, contact Kegstar on 1800 KEGSTAR (534 7827) or

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