By James Atkinson

Keg rental company Kegstar has advertised for three critical roles as it targets rapid expansion over the next two years.

ASX-listed logistics company Brambles recently made a significant investment in Kegstar, which now plans to grow its existing fleet of 15,000 kegs to more than 100,000.

Kegstar is currently recruiting for a business development manager, a commercial manager / financial controller and a keg fleet manager.

CEO Adam Trippe-Smith told TheShout there will be various other customer service roles coming up in the near future as the company expands both within Australia and into New Zealand.

“We’ll end up with a team of ten and we’ve got a new office that we’re moving into in Paddington [Sydney] on June 1,” he said.

As well as adding new kegs produced to order, the company will be offering to buy up brewers’ existing keg fleets so that they are 100 per cent owned and provided by Kegstar.

“If they sell their 1000 or 5000 kegs to us they can release capital so they can either reinvest in selling capacity or brewing capacity,” he said.

“As they grow there’s no capital required for new kegs, they just keep ordering kegs from us just in time.”

Trippe-Smith expects Kegstar will ultimately expand its customer base beyond the craft beer sector and into the mainstream.

“Releasing capital, no matter how big you are, is always something the CFO’s looking at,” he said.

“And from a logistics point of view, one of the big advantages of our model is the one-way nature of the kegs.“

“Already we’re doing all of the east coast kegs for Gage Roads and Feral Brewing, so for them it means they brew and send the kegs one way and forget about it,” Trippe-Smith said.

For further information on the positions currently vacant at Kegstar, contact Craig Taplin at Mentis Group on 0430 288 885 or

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