By James Atkinson

Sydney liquor retailer Kemenys has revealed it received thousands of emails urging it to drop its advertising on the Alan Jones radio program, following the broadcaster's controversial comments about Prime Minister Julia Gillard's late father.

Gabriel Kemeny told TheShout the retailer's internet server crashed under the deluge of messages.

"It makes it very difficult to try to run a business and pick out the emails and orders," he said.

Kemeny said the retailer started advertising with Jones a few months ago in a bid to attract new consumers into its store.

He said advertising on the program does not mean Kemenys endorses Alan Jones' views and advertisers should stand firm against the backlash.

"It's not for me to be determining community values," he said, adding that pulling the advertising could set off another backlash from Alan Jones listeners.

"If you advertise with Alan Jones and then pull out, then all the Alan Jones listeners will turn against you."

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  1. I have come back to Kemenys as a result of them advertising on Alan Jones program. (On the other hand I have told Mercedes Benz that I will NOT be replacing my E-Class with another Marcedes because they were gutless and took up the left wing political fight against one of the few broadcasters/media commentators who tell the truth about what is happening in this country.)

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