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Earlier this year, KFC opened its first concept store on Church Street, Parramatta, with plans to sell beer and cider alongside burgers. This week, the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (ILGA) refused the licence and deemed the idea “inappropriate”.

“The Authority received a number of submissions which included opposition to the application because of its association between the brand name of KFC and its attraction to minors,” an Authority spokesperson said.

However, the ILGA has stated that a fresh application would be considered for approval if the store opened under a different trading name.

Parramatta councillor Bob Dwyer said Sydney’s west is no placed for the fried chicken company to trial the sale of alcohol and the inner west or eastern suburbs would be better placed for the concept.

“In Western Sydney we are more family-orientated,” Dwyer said.

“My view is that by trialling it in Western Sydney, it pitches us as people who tend to like alcohol more than anybody else I suppose.”

However, KFC Australia chief marketing and development officer Nikki Lawson said the Parramatta restaurant was designed for older audiences with a fresh new feel and urban look.

“What Parramatta has done around this dining precinct is amazing,” she said.

A KFC spokesperson said the brand will be considering their options and next moves.

“We’re disappointed by the Board’s decision,” she said.

“KFC Australia is committed to offering new and fresh experiences for our customers – and we know from feedback that many of our customers over 18 would love to be able to purchase a beer or cider when they dine in for a meal at our new concept store in Parramatta.”

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  1. If this had not been a KFC branded store, would this application had less opposition. If the application ticked the appropriate boxes and assessed objectively and ignored the brand, would’ve had got through?

    Councillor Bob Dwyer, statements are just silly and smack of nimbyism(?)

    For the record, I wouldn’t personally support alcohol served in a KFC.

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