By Clyde Mooney

After nearly eight years as the James Squire Brewhouse and Restaurant, proprietor Graeme Thompson is switching camps from Lion Nathan to CCA/ Pacific Beverages.

Enjoying a fantastic location and a reputation as one of the biggest sellers of craft beers in Australia, the newly branded King St Brewhouse and Restaurant are now benefiting from a new partnership with Pacific Beverages and their Bluetongue label.

The site includes its own micro-brewery that has traditionally pumped out James Squire spin-offs.

Plans for the coming months include the licensing and setting up of the micro-brewery to produce a range of craft beers, distilled by individual brewers.

King St Brewhouse proprieter, Graeme Thompson, enjoying a micro-brew.

Thompson is delighted with the success to date of the new look, which is seeing a far more diverse and varied crowd appreciate the new décor and alcohol selection.

The agreement with Pacific Beverages allows Thompson to promote his own brands and craft beers, while still proudly serving the emerging Bluetongue label that includes four draught variations.

King St Wharf is a thriving area with a good mix of CBD and tourist trade. The re-branding of the premises has proven to be a winner, with a noticeable change in clientele and no apparent loss of loyal patronage.

The biggest reason for the re-branding of the venue is the advantages of the new arrangement, where the King St Brewhouse is able to stock, promote and even produce their own choice of products.

“If I’m going to promote and sell someone else’s product, I want to get something in return,” Thompson told The Shout.

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