Kinglake Distillery has worked with sustainability specialists Pangolin Associates to achieve certified carbon neutrality through the Federal Government’s Climate Active program.

The distillery, which is located close to the Yarra Valley, in Victoria, undertook a comprehensive nine month audit of its business alongside Pangolin Associates, which has previously worked with Capital Brewing Co. on a similar project.

The audit looked at all aspects of Kinglake’s production, scrutinising ‘every grain, barrel and gram of yeast, every bottle, label and cork, every litre of petrol and piece of paper – every single item the distillery has ever consumed to produce whisky.’

A combination of carbon offsetting and increased sustainability in the production process ensured the distillery achieved carbon neutrality.

Distillery Owners Sam Lowe and Chantal Daniels said the distillery’s location, amidst the Kinglake bush, was a motivating factor when undertaking this audit.

“We chose our location because we love spending time close to nature,” the pair commented.

“From the foundation of Chyser Creek spring water, to the natural yeasts and pollens that are allowed access to our open ferments, Kinglake single malt is very much a product of its natural environment.”

“We want to do our bit to protect it both locally and across the planet.”

Kinglake Distillery is located in the fertile Kinglake bush.

Kinglake was already one of the most environmentally friendly distilleries in Australia: no power, water, gas, or telephone lines are connected to the distillery, with a mixture of solar and generator power used to source electricity, while gas is provided by a tank, and an on-site dam recycles water used in the cooling and distillation processes. Kinglake is therefore entirely off-grid.

The commitment to sustainability extends to the sourcing of ingredients, with 80 per cent of the distillery’s barley farmed and malted in New South Wales, reducing its carbon footprint.

As part of the bid for carbon neutrality, Kinglake Distillery has donated a third of its property to Australian reforestation charity, Greenfleet, which will use the land for the planting of indigenous shrubs and plants native to the area over the next century.

In a statement to press, the distillery concluded that, ‘By striving for a zero-carbon footprint Kinglake is ensuring that drinking their whisky has no negative impact on the natural environment and helps to protect the planet during this unprecedented era of climate crisis.’

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