The Kraken Spiced Rum is today showing its contempt for the over-hyped world of NFTs and digital art, by offering fans the chance to take home some Kraken Rum or a valueless NFT.

The Kraken team highlights that only one per cent of NFTs sells for over $1500 and the average value is in fact $7.50, which is not going to get you an awful lot at your local bottleshop. Enter The Kraken’s NFT Digital Art Collection, which merges the art and NFT world with a nautical twist and splash of murderous history and satire, and shows value really is in the eyes of the beholder.  

For any rum drinker looking to enter the mysterious world of NFTs, the Kraken Non-Fungible Token is the perfect starting point – they’ll get a funky design hidden away on the web, or instead decide on the Kraken Rum.

The Collection comprises:

Bored Mermaid Shipwreck Club:  

Bored Mermaid Shipwreck Club is an immortalisation of mermaids so nonchalant in luring sailors to their demise, they’ve become bored doing it. This digital collectible grants you access to a membership so enticing, many sailors have met their end in its pursuit. Why be in an exclusive club, when you can join an elusive one? Mint this NFT and join them on the rocks in the open sea. 

The Sip of Seafaring Legend: 

This exclusive digital collectible bottles a historic moment in maritime history. Legend has it that a vessel carrying spiced rum in the Caribbean, was plunged into the deep at the whim of a monstrous beast. No crew survived to tell the tale, all but one barrel of spiced rum destroyed. That barrel, badly stained by the ink of the beast, became a liquid of unparalleled darkness- The Kraken Rum.  

Kraken Koin: 

This piece of the collection is a stolen doubloon meets crypto currency. Mint one of a limited release of Kraken Koin, currency stolen from seafaring victims over centuries, complete with cryptic Kraken insignia to mark its priceless value. 


Sure, fish with gills are cool. But fish with grillz? That’s ice cold. And as another social Outkast once said, what’s cooler than being cool? This refreshing NFT that could chill even the most sinful of sips. Mint this, and own your own 24 carat twist on modern art.  

The Kraken 

The Kraken, Black Spiced Rum & Cola Bottles 330mL –$28 per pack of 4 
The Kraken, Black Spiced Rum & Dry Bottles 330mL – $28 per pack of 4 

The Kraken’s Non-Fungible Treasures will be available from today, to sign up head to 

Andy Young

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