By Amy Looker

A new labeling initiative for RTDs and full-strength spirit products will ask Australians to consider the impact that their alcohol consumption is having on themselves and others.

Launching at the beginning of October, the labels on Smirnoff, Jim Beam and Canadian Club RTD products will pose the question ‘Is Your Drinking Harming Yourself or Others?’

The Distilled Spirits Industry Council of Australia (DSICA), whose members market 80 per cent of all spirits sold in Australia, has been responsible for implementing the new labels, which is in line with public concerns about the impact of alcohol abuse on the wider community.

“We want people who consume our products to ask themselves whether their drinking is causing harm – either to themselves or those around them,” said chairman of DSICA, Michael McShane.

“’Is Your Drinking Harming Yourself or Others?’ is the fundamental question for anyone who chooses to drink. It makes people consider their drinking in the context of their own life and what is important to them as an individual,” he said.

DSCIA carried out extensive research through focus groups among a range of drinking messages in the areas of health, safety, responsibility and moderation before deciding upon the ‘harm to self and others’ message.

“Our message balances prompting people to consider their drinking behaviours without being too authoritative or telling people how to behave. The research indicated that the more extreme, hard-hitting messages were seen to be less impactful amongst younger people. It is important that the message is well received by Australians and to be effective, consumers have to identify with it,” McShane said.

The ‘harm to self and others’ message will begin to appear from October, with more RTDs and full-strength spirit products rolling out the labels as new supplies of labels are re-ordered or redesigned.

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