After a three-odd year hiatus, the sought after Laird’s 100 Proof Straight Apple Brandy is finally available again in Australia.

James France, of Vanguard Luxury Brands, says that while the mainstay of the brand is Applejack, it’s fantastic to have the original Laird’s 100 Proof Straight Apple Brandy available again.

“We’ve been unable to supply orders for such a long time,” he says. “But it’s only available in very limited quantities so you’ll need to be quick.”

The strong global demand for the apple brandy, combined with the time it takes to age it, resulted in a serious out-of-stock situation across all markets.

It is the original apple brandy originally made famous by Laird and Company way back in 1780, and is aged for six to 10 years before being “Bottled in Bond to ensure quality and authenticity”.

Which means that Laird’s 100 Proof Straight Apple Brandy must be straight unblended spirit, aged a minimum 4 years, bottled in one season at one distillery and at 100 proof (50% alcohol). It must be stored in federally bonded warehouses under US government supervision and it must have numbered labels which identify its origin.

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