By Rebecca Harris

The Lark Distillery of Tasmania has launched a unique new program that allows rum aficionados to age their own spirit.

It sees buyers receive four five-litre sealed containers of rum along with a 20-litre barrel and instructions for filling and preparing the rum.

Ross Dinsmoor, global sales manager at The Lark Distillery, said the program was developed as a way for aficionados to truly appreciate the process involved in creating a great rum.

“These rums can age for up to two years, but even after four months you are still getting a really nice rum,” he said. “So you can get a group together and meet once a month, say, to taste the development in the rum aging process.”

“With the ability to customise the barrel and the length the spirit matures, your average rum lover can now have control over the finished product,” he said.

The first barrel was sold, rather appropriately, to the restored 135-year old tall ship James Craig on Monday (Feb 16). It was delivered to senior crew member Bruce Marich during the vessel’s 135th birthday celebrations in Hobart.

“I was very surprised to discover that barrels of Tasmanian rum were available to the general public and jumped at the chance to stow one below decks. In keeping with tradition we will mature this one on board,” Marich said.

“We’re all dark rum fans, being sailors, so I think we’ll leave this one in the barrel for a couple of years to give it a bit of flavour and colour.”

The total cost, including all taxes, excise, and shipping and handling costs is $2600, with a 700ml bottle averaging out at $55.00.


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