By Ian Neubauer

Licenced premises in Sydney’s Manly have agreed to end late-night trading and eject patrons at 2:30am as of August this year.

The world-famous beachside strip has enforced voluntary 2:00am lockouts for several years but is now taking restrictions one step further in response to public pressure.  

The new plan was conceived by a working group of licensees and representatives of Manly Council and Manly Police.

“Our ultimate goal is to change the way people view Manly as an entertainment venue. We want people to arrive earlier in the evening, drink less and then having access to ready transport options, make their way home,” said police superintendent, Dave Darcy. “The clear message is when the hotel doors close, it’s time to go home.”

Announced yesterday, the plan is designed to encourage patrons to take advantage of transport options before the taxi change over at 3:00am and reduce the influx of already intoxicated patrons from other areas by restricting the entry of courtesy buses into Manly.

Manly’s Mayor Peter MacDonald congratulated licensees for responding to community demands.

"I really want to congratulate them on, in a sense, seeing sense and also I think listening to the community," MacDonald told the ABC.

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