In this week’s instalment of citizen journalism, Maclean Cellars proprietor and former licensee, Peter Fox, recommends the return of midnight closing hours to quell alcohol-related violence.

“We would like to express an opinion that perhaps the late licenses should be suspended.  Midnight should see all liquor outlets, i.e. hotels and clubs, closed. The police should then make sure all patrons are leaving the streets and heading for home. We all win. Employees are going to work the next day having more rest therefore the employers are finding their staff more productive.

Going back to the way things were years ago is not a bad thing to do when you have a look at the way our society has changed as a result of these late licences being granted.
The new laws that is going to be administered as from July see the Labor Government making us a more responsible community as a whole.  Therefore, why not start taking some responsibility and start seeing the broader picture?
The tax hike on RTDs are only making the younger generation purchase bottled spirit and soft drink to mix their own.  As we are all well aware, after a few drinks there’s less soft drink and more spirit.
I have been in this industry for the past 32 years and am still in it today. I have seen the impact the changes, lack of policing and the changes to social behaviour that can be directly contributed to the government’s lack of realistic inputs.
We are very proud of what we have achieved in the industry but feel our government lacks the knowledge and direction to successfully address the problems we are all facing.

Perhaps input from people in the industry would assist the government in making realistic decisions as we see firsthand what these changes evolve to.”

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