Building on a history rich in heritage, Hardys is delighted to welcome a new range of wines into its family – introducing Hardys ‘The Chronicles’. Consisting of three exciting wines, and building on Hardys commitment to continual innovation, each is a blend of a classic varietal along with a new or emerging varietal or style.

Thomas Hardy’s belief that regional blending can better retain or strengthen the best characteristics and qualities of each variety resulted in some of the most unique and outstanding wines made in Australia in the period 1940’s to 1970’s – the first step in establishing Hardys’ reputation for blending craftsmanship.

‘The Chronicles’ extends the blending focus to varietals – blending traditional varieties with emerging varietals – to create interesting and complex wines.

Thomas was a self-made man of immense character. ‘The Chronicles’ celebrates this character, and are a fitting tribute to a life rich with intrigue. The three wines each represent a story that helped shaped Thomas Hardy’s life and, in turn, his wines:

Hardys The Chronicles ‘The Gamble’ Chardonnay Pinot Gris 2008
A gamble for some was to become one man’s destiny. With little winemaking experience but barrel-loads of courage, Thomas Hardy packed his kit and sought a future in the New World. Through passion, determination, generosity and a touch of daring, that gamble led to the creation of one of Australia’s most celebrated wine companies.

‘The Gamble’ shows how the peachy and creamy flavours of the Chardonnay meld beautifully with the pear, green apple and minerality of the Pinot Gris, creating a wine of rich flavour and length.

Hardys The Chronicles ‘Twice Lost’ Shiraz Cabernet Rosé 2008
One farmer’s loss was winemaking’s gain.  Upon arriving in Australia Thomas Hardy’s first job was to mind cattle for a local farmer.  After managing to lose them twice, his master sent out two cow bells.  The bells worked and ensured the herd was not lost again but, fortunately for us, Thomas’ destiny would be etched in wine rather than beef.

The ‘Twice Lost’ rosé is a twist on the classic. A Shiraz dominant wine, where the round and soft offers fresh red fruit and a rich, warm and soft palate complexed and enhanced by the berry fruit and acidic cut of the Cabernet Sauvignon.

Hardys The Chronicles ‘Butcher’s Gold’ Shiraz Sangiovese 2007
Legend has it, Thomas Hardy made his money in the Victorian goldfields – and indeed he did – even though he never owned a miner’s license.  Instead, he drove cattle all the way from South Australia and, ingeniously, opened a goldfields butcher’s shop, making a handsome profit feeding the many hungry miners in search of their own fortunes.

The ‘Butcher’s Gold’ blend demonstrates how the Shiraz, offering dense sweet fruit, and the Sangiovese, delivering savoury cherry flavours and rustic tannins, can combine seamlessly.

Winemaker Paul Lapsley is excited by the innovation these wines represent.

‘The wines are unique and symbolise our passion to continually develop new and exciting wines for consumers,’ he said. ‘In addition to great wines, this range brings to life to a history of excellence and continual innovation.’

‘The styles are fresh, vibrant and inspiring, giving wine lovers a chance to experience something contemporary and different.’

The Chronicles is widely available and will retail at $16.99.

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