By Andrew Starke

Mildura licensees are helping to tackle alcohol fuelled violence as part of the Victorian Government’s Championship Moves campaign.

The State’s Deputy Premier and Attorney-General, Rob Hulls, praised Mildura licensees and local media for joining forces to promote responsible drinking through Championship Moves television, print and radio advertising.

“The Brumby Labor Government’s Championship Moves campaign message is simple – real champions look out for their mates and respect everyone’s right to a good time,” Hulls said.

“This campaign is all about educating the community and encouraging young men to stop and think about their behaviour.

“It contains strong and responsible messages that licensees in Mildura are clearly keen to get across to those who go to their venues.”

The Brumby Labor Government’s $2.75 million ‘Your Move/Championship Moves’ campaign was launched in 2009 and is supported by licensed venues across the state as well as the AFL Coaches Association.

Hulls said a group of 12 Mildura licensees had agreed to contribute funds to air the Championship Moves television commercials on Prime TV Mildura. Star FM and Easy Listening 1467 are also supporting the initiative.

“This local Mildura initiative is a good example of cooperative community support trying to address the issue of alcohol-related violence and to drive home the need for responsible drinking,” he said.

“I’d like to congratulate the licensees for their initiative and their determination to make a night out in their venues as safe as they can through educating the community on what is appropriate behaviour and what will not be tolerated.”

Championship Moves featured in the campaign include the ‘Muzzle’ – covering a mate’s mouth before he can yell abuse or provocative statements – and the ‘Receptionist’ – distracting a mate with a fake phone call and taking him away from a potentially ugly situation.

Hulls said research indicated that 85 per cent of young males who saw the campaign agreed it made them think about how they and their friends could avoid trouble while out drinking.

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