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Lindeman’s has unveiled a new range of wines aimed at the millennial male aptly called the Gentleman’s Collection by Dr. Henry John Lindeman.

The Gentleman’s Collection, available now for RRP $21.99 through leading liquor retailers nationally, consists of four masculine, yet easy drinking red and white wines suitable for the discerning modern gentleman – each made with a dash of fortified for rounded refinement.

Lindeman’s marketing manager Australia and New Zealand, Tasha Harp, said: “We’re witnessing a growing trend of gentlemanliness amongst millennial males, from their grooming habits to their choice of clothes and lifestyle. We also understand, however, that the rules for being a gentleman in 2015 are not as simple or well defined as they used to be. Being a modern gentleman is no simple feat.

“An appreciation of good wine is an essential part of the gentlemanly mix and we’re looking forward to introducing a range of wines that redefine the wine category for the modern and aspiring gent. The Gentleman’s Collection makes it easy for men to navigate their way through the overwhelming wine selection process to select a good drop that impresses their palate, their partner or their party,” Harp said.

Gentleman’s Collection Cabernet Sauvignon 2014: With rich notes of blackcurrant and cassis a smooth finish and aroma of blueberry and violet, this variety is the perfect companion for a sophisticated soiree. Pair with pasta, red meat or a cheese platter.

Gentleman’s Collection Shiraz 2014: Aromas of raspberry coulis with a hint of sweet spice with hints of raspberry and plumb.

Gentleman’s Collection Red Blend 2014: This red blend features the best that Shiraz, Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon have to offer. Enjoy with an antipasto platter or steak.

Gentleman’s Collection Chardonnay 2015: This medium-bodied Chardonnay displays tropical fruit flavours, a toasty oak mid-palate, hints of honey dew and cantaloupe.

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  1. Oh dear Tasha, what is with that first quote? Can someone tell me what relevance ‘gentlemanliness’ and ‘millennial males’ have to the the Lindeman brand? Give me a marketing team that understands and reinvigorates labels such as St George, Pyrus and Limestone Ridge; a Hunter River Burgundy (named whatever) and a Hunter Semillon. Give me a marketing team that talks variety, region but above all the winemakers that Dr Henry John would be proud of.

  2. @john. In the first quote, he’s basically talking about hipsters and beards.

    I agree – this entire thing’s absurd. It’s like modern hipster reading Allen Ginsberg’s ‘Howel’, citing the lines about beards and hipsters and then taking the piece to have profound meaning. Ginsberg was an abominable and vile poet, his work has no significance to Australia, his work is anachronistic and ephemeral, whilst being literally profane and foul.

    My subjective comments aside; it’s dislocated, it lacks context.

    Someone’s marketing to a target audience which only exists in pop-culture, as though there were any other form of culture… 🙁 oh well. It’ll probably sell like hotcakes.

  3. “the rules for being a gentleman in 2015 are not as simple or well defined as they used to be” If by that you mean having a woman market a wine to young men under the guise of it making them ‘gentlemenlisnessified’ Then yes, the rules changed.

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