An image of Tooheys electric truck
Tooheys New electric beer truck is thought to be the first of its kind in NSW.

The Fuso eCanter truck will deliver kegs produced at the Lidcombe Tooheys brewery to venues in the Sydney metro area.

Anticipated usage suggests that the vehicle will avoid at least 60 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually, when compared to the standard ‘Euro 6’ engine diesel truck.

Lion’s Managing Director for Australia, David Smith, said that the new truck was in keeping with the Tooheys brand history: “It’s a testament to the enduring relevance of the brand that Tooheys continues to innovate, so that we’re not only delivering the freshest beers for consumers but doing so in a way that helps shift the industry forward.”

“After more than 150 years of brewing on NSW’s most-loved brands, the iconic Tooheys brand is taking on a new challenge, introducing the state’s first electric beer truck.”

For Lion, the introduction of the eCanter truck represents another aspect the carbon reduction initiatives adopted by the business. In 2020, Lion became the first Climate Active accredited carbon neutral brewer in Australia, and has committed to a net zero emissions value chain by 2050.

Moreover, the move to using an electric truck follows Tooheys’ Power Purchase Agreement in 2019, when the brewery (the largest in NSW) pooled its energy requirements with participating AHA NSW partner venues.

BevChain’s President, Misha Shliapnikoff, explained how the truck’s power-supply reduces its carbon footprint at the source, too: “This truck will be powered by clean energy from our automated distribution centre next to the Lion brewery in Auburn, NSW.”

“As Lion’s logistics partner, we’re committed to working with Lion to reduce our carbon emissions and meet our shared sustainability targets.”

Like Lion, BevChain and Shliapnikoff have ongoing commitments to the environment, through BevChain’s parent company, Linfox, which maintains a ‘Leading the Way 2025’ sustainable business strategy, and Linfox’s ‘GreenFox’ program.

“BevChain is excited to introduce the first electric truck for Lion,” Shliapnikoff said.

While Smith concluded: “We have certainly come a long way since Tooheys was delivered on the back of a horse-drawn carriage.”

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