By Ian Neubauer

Lion Nathan has announced it will discard a TV commercial filmed in New Zealand after it was revealed a deer had been killed for use as a prop in a scene depicting a barbecue.

“It has come to our attention that a dead deer featured in an advertising campaign produced by a supplier on our behalf was not sourced appropriately,” the brewer said in a statement.

The announcement followed an internal investigation that was allegedly prompted by inquiries placed by a Sydney newspaper.

The investigation found the brewer’s production company had sought a stuffed or dead deer to feature in the ad. A carcass was eventually sourced from a licensed deer farm, which killed a deer that was due to be culled due to old age. 

“While the culling of deer is legal and routine in New Zealand, we recognise that what occurred was insensitive, inconsistent with our company guidelines on the treatment of animals and also would not have the support of sections of the community,” the statement read.  

The statement reiterated Lion Nathan’s commitment to the ethical treatment of animals. It said the brewer is reviewing its management processes to ensure the incident does not reoccur.

Lion Nathan refused to disclose the cost of the ad, saying only that there was a “considerable cost involved”.


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