By James Wells

Lion has created a new flavoured beer concept called Roam which features two flavours – Tequila and Lime as well as Vodka and Watermelon.

Information received by TheShout shows that the two products will differentiated by colour with blue graphics for the Tequila & Lime products and yellow graphics used for the Vodka & Watermelon product.

“Roam is a flavoured beer to appeal to a younger audience of both males and females who are always looking for new drinking experiences and seek out new offerings,” said a statement issued by Saltmine Design Group, the team behind the graphics and packaging of the new product.

Saltmine said the brief from Lion included developing a graffiti style font and a chameleon as the brand icon which not only appears on the packaging and changes colour but is meant to be “a metaphor of positive and proactive change”.

Saltmine continued: “The design is reflective of an ‘Urban Jungle’, the world that the target market lives within. It depicts the ever-changing chameleon and jungle leaves juxtaposed with an inner city brick wall. The harlequin design on the neck of the bottle reflects the shaped grip on the back of the bottle, complete with chameleon skin texture.

A representative from Lion has confirmed that an official launch announcement for the brand is scheduled for later this week.

The beer is not identified on the Lion website, but is currently available from First Choice and selected independent liquor stores.

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  1. Lion has been trying to sell this for the last month or so. It’s not very good and the marketing for it is terrible. You should never mix beer with spirits. What a terrible waste.

    Not worth buying

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