By Andrew Starke

Lion Nathan Australia has agreed to voluntarily adopt consumer health messages that promote responsible drinking choices on its liquor brands following recommendations made to government.

Last week the Federal Australian Government released the findings of an independent review of Australian labelling regulation headed by former Health Minister, Dr Neal Blewett.

The report has recommended significant changes to these standards to ensure ongoing protection for consumers and to encourage consumer awareness and better choices at the retail point of purchase.

Specifically, Lion Nathan Australia has agreed that:

  • Generic alcohol warning messages be placed on alcohol labels but only as an element of a comprehensive multifaceted national campaign targeting the public health problems of alcohol in society.
  • A suitably worded warning message about the risks of consuming alcohol while pregnant be mandated on individual containers of alcoholic beverages and at the point of sale for unpackaged alcoholic beverages, as support for ongoing broader community education.

“We have taken this proactive approach to ensure we continue to meet evolving community expectations for more information on primary packaging,” said a spokesperson for Lion Nathan.

“Because we believe this is the right thing to do we will take these steps regardless of the pending Government response to the Report and the passage of enabling legislation.

“Our alcohol businesses will respond in detail in the coming weeks on how our support for broader consumer messaging will be best delivered across their individual portfolios, packaging types, markets and categories.”

TheShout asked the Foster’s Group if CUB would consider similar measures but did not receive an immediate reply.

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