By Andrew Starke

Brewer Lion Nathan has issued a recall of six varieties of James Boag’s 375ml bottles due to a packaging defect which may lead to their rims cracking when opened.

The voluntary recall applies only to bottles within the best before date range of June 23, 2011 to August 12, 2011.

A Lion Nathan (LNNF) spokesperson told TheShout that all other James Boag’s products outside this date range and all other Lion Nathan products are unaffected.

The recall applies to: Boag’s Draught, 375ml bottles; Boag’s Draught Light, 375ml bottles; James Boag’s Premium, 375ml bottles; James Boag’s Premium Light, 375ml bottles; Boag’s XXX Ale, 375ml bottles; and James Boag’s Classic Blonde, 375ml bottles.

The partial recall is due to a packaging defect, which may result in a piece of glass breaking away from the rim of the bottle upon opening.

“While we believe the risk to consumers is very low, we feel the only responsible action for us to take is to err on the side of caution and voluntarily recall potentially affected products in the best interest of protecting our consumers and customers, and maintaining our high quality standards,” said the spokesperson.

Lion Nathan has asked the liquor trade to assist in the recall by removing recalled product from sale and to store it in a separate, secure area marked 'not for sale'.

Consumers have also been advised to return any recalled product they have to the store they bought it from for a full refund or replacement with other Boag’s product (if available).

“We suggest to our customers that they check the consumer’s product to ensure it is as per the best before date ranges outlined and if it is to then provide the refund or replacement, and then store it with their other isolated product,” said the spokesperson.

“We have faxed all customers a form for them to complete and fax back to us, to advise us of what stock they have in their possession and that they receive from consumers.

“This form will be used as the basis of crediting and either collecting or organising the return of the recalled product.

“If customers don’t have this form, or need any further information, they can call us on 13 15 13 and choose option 4.

“We apologise to our trade customers and consumers for any inconvenience caused.”

Consumers are asked to call 1800 709 609 if they have any queries.


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