Lion has launched a new marketplace app, allowing businesses access to the company’s full catalogue.

The app will operate as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for orders, invoices and billing history, and will include ‘real-time stock visibility and access to promotions’.

David Smith, Lion Australia Managing Director, said the Lion Marketplace app reaffirmed the business’s desire to be the most straightforward supplier for its customers.

“Our customers right across the industry – whether it is publicans, hoteliers, club managers or restaurateurs – need all the support we can give them as they continue to recover from the pandemic and the challenges that they have continued to face as a result – including labour shortages and supply chain disruptions,” Smith said.

“The app enables them to do business with us where and when it suits them with complete ordering functionality at their fingertips.

“We have basically redefined and redesigned our digital ordering platform, focusing on a usable, mobile-first experience, making life easier for our customers in local venues across Australia as they continue to recover from what has been an extraordinarily challenging period,” Smith continued.

Smith said that the company had already seen high uptake of the service, following a soft launch in 2021.

“Since its launch late last year, we are now seeing 6,000 orders through the app on a weekly basis, which is a testament to the usability of the platform.”

Alongside ordering, invoices and statements, Lion says the app will allow customers to quickly save their favourites for easy reordering, and provide online tracking of orders. A statement also read that there were ‘more features to come, including downloadable brand assets, business tools and insights, mobile notifications, and more.’

Moreover, Lion’s Digital Director, Robb Simpson, believes the app will provide a more efficient service to the company’s customers.

“Lion has long prioritised its customer feedback through our ‘Voice of the Customer initiative’, but we really accelerated our response to this in the last two years,” Simpson said.

“The feedback emphasised three themes: creating an easy self-service and ordering experience, improving cash management, and reducing administration. We are really pleased to say this new digital solution does all three – plus much more.

“The platform is easy to navigate and intuitive. Our customers love it and we are still offering them the flexibility to choose their preferred option so if they like using the web portal, then they can continue using that as well.”

Like Smith, Simpson believes this new app will offer customers an important tool during uncertainty in the market.

“The economy and the market are shifting and evolving, and we have heard our customers loud and clear,” Simpson added.

“They need a different kind of service. They need support to move at speed to survive the challenges of running their business.”

The Lion Marketplace App is available for download from the Apple and Google app stores.

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