By James Atkinson on XXXX Island

Lion's ambitious XXXX Island promotion is now in full stride, with the brewer having this week accepted the first group of competition winners into the Great Barrier Reef enclave.

Six winners from across Australia along with three of their mates have this weekend become the first drinkers to experience the island, with its quirky set of rules (pictured right) and many XXXX-themed innovations.

On a tour by TheShout this week, Lion national marketing director – Beer, Spirits & Wine, Matt Tapper, said XXXX Island – which was leased by Lion for three years – will play host to about 1000 drinkers a year.

Six groups of four are able to be accommodated in the island's themed cabins and camping site each three-day weekend.

"We've got a pretty full book for the next three or four months and we've got people coming from all over Australia," Tapper said. [continues below]

The XXXX Island beach bar, constructed from scratch

Tapper revealed that there are several groups of women among the island's first visitors.

"The week after next, three of the five groups are females," he said.

"XXXX Island is there to engage everyone. If our winners happen to be female and they want to bring three of their mates, then fantastic." [continues below]

A pulley system to winch beers up to the 'Punter's Pavilion'

While XXXX Gold is now the country's most popular beer, Tapper said there are several markets in which it has ground to make up. 

"I think XXXX Island is just another chapter in the brand's life to reach out and engage all Australians," he said.

Lion will serve only mid-strength beer on XXXX Island, a move that contrasts sharply with Carlton & United Breweries' recent decision to increase the ABV of Victoria Bitter. [continues below]

The 'loo with a view', as voted by a XXXX Gold drinker

XXXX Marketing Manager Anna McMillan, said that in the last six months, Lion has been working to ensure every part of the island – from our custom-built bar with the best views of the Southern Great Barrier Reef to the one-hole golf course – "will truly solidify XXXX Island as the ultimate destination for mates' trips away".

In the works is the island's very own custom-built 'loo with a view,' a toilet positioned on one of the highest points of the island to ensure users can enjoy all of its scenic glory whilst on the so-called 'throne'.

 "This is not Club Med – it's more Club Shed. We're not offering up a five star resort, but rather one of the most perfect places on earth to simply kick back with nature and enjoy a beer with your mates," McMillan said. [continues below]

'The Locker Room', one of several themed cabins for visitors

The opening of XXXX Island will be supported by the launch of a new television campaign, outdoor and digital media, network integration, national events activation, on-pack and on-premise promotions, public relations and radio.

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  1. XXXX Island!!!

    Can’t wait for Thursday. Myself and three mates are going to XXXX Island. Should be a good break. Wish it were for longer.

  2. I would love for my dad to go to xxxx island because he loves xxxx and wants to go there but i dont no how to contact anyone to see if it is possible how do i arrange this to happen ???

  3. Hey, If you want to send your Dad to xxxxisland, get some xxxxGold and enter the code word from inside the Carton. That’s the only way to make it happen. It’s a great spot and he will love it. Good Luck

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