By James Atkinson

Lion will serve only mid-strength beer on XXXX Island, a move that contrasts sharply with Carlton & United Breweries' recent decision to increase the ABV of Victoria Bitter.

CUB recently announced it will put the ABV of Victoria Bitter back up to 4.9 per cent, with new chief executive Ari Mervis declaring the brewer had erred in tinkering with the recipe of the iconic beer.

If CUB thinks higher alcohol will win back drinkers, Lion clearly has a different view of trends in mainstream beer consumption.

On a tour of XXXX Island by TheShout this week, it was revealed that XXXX Gold will be the only beer available, with the full-strength Summer and Bitter SKUs excluded.

Lion national marketing director – Beer, Spirits & Wine, Matt Tapper told TheShout the mid-strength nature of XXXX Gold is better suited to the island and its many outdoor activities.

"XXXX Gold absolutely suits that sort of lifestyle where you can go fishing or do something a bit active and then afterwards relax with a beer or two," he said.

Tapper said it was interesting to see CUB increase the ABV of Victoria Bitter.

"Obviously you take notice of things like that. I think that's quite a bold act," he said.

"Those guys have got to make their own decisions and they've no doubt got good reasons for that."

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