By Andrew Starke

Fortitude Valley's late night licensees have joined forces to make drinkers aware that they face being banned from the precinct for anti-social behaviour.

The Valley Liquor Accord (VLA) in Brisbane chairman Andrew McKenzie said hundreds of posters and flyers have been placed in venues in the Drink Safe Precinct informing patrons their actions now have greater consequences.

He said legally banning patrons from Drink Safe Precincts, such as the Valley, was a major step towards making people responsible for their own actions.

“Patrons know they can be banned from individual venues, but these posters will be in their face and details that they can be banned from the Drink Safe Precinct all together,” McKenzie told TheShout.

“It also highlights there are more police are on duty, there are more services and there’s a safe zone.

“We’ve yet to see anyone banned from the Valley and we hope it stays that way.

“Licensees will no longer tolerate unsociable behaviour and we are very serious about improving patron attitudes and behaviour.”

The Government’s introduction of banning laws is in addition to VLA venues using ID scanners to vet patrons and refuse entry to those who have misbehaved in the past.

There are approximately 10 venues using ID scanners in the area and, while they are prohibited from sharing information, they have collectively banned more than 200 patrons from their venues.

The liquor accord recently announced that it will hold a Safer Venues Awards evening at lounge bar Cloudland on April 12 in association with Queensland Health and DRUG ARM to honour individuals and businesses who are working hard to improve safety within and outside of venues.

“Venues have been consciously trying to weed out the trouble makers and with regimented banning powers, improved transport services and more police, the Valley is rapidly becoming a safer place to socialise,” McKenzie said.

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