By Andy Young

Liquor & Gaming NSW has issued a summer festive season trading tips factsheet, which offer tips on safe and compliant trading during the festive period.

The fact sheet includes tips on how to deal with Under 18s, Acceptable IDs, Intoxicated patrons, Liquor promotions, Safety and security, Signage and Transport.

Liquor & Gaming said: "With end of year exams, schoolies, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Australia Day, licensees and staff need to be extra vigilant to ensure the responsible sale and promotion of alcohol.

"To help licensees and staff, Liquor & Gaming NSW has published a fact sheet on safe and compliant trading during the festive period."

With tough sanctions in place for serving minors or serving intoxicated patrons, the fact sheet giving licensees tips on what they and their staff can do to avoid such penalties.

The fact sheet explains what is now acceptable ID in NSW and also gives advice on how to tell if someone is intoxicated. And with many venues offering liquor promotions to help attract patrons during the summer months, there is information on the seven principles for liquor promotion compliance. 

The summer festive season fact sheet is available through the Liquor & Gaming NSW website.

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