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Liquor Legends continues to kick goals for its Rewards Members, launching a new Rewards App that will simplify the way its members collect and redeem points.

In speaking with Managing Director, John Carmody for the 2017 National Liquor News Industry Leaders Forum, he revealed that the group had more than 230,000 Rewards members representing 36 per cent of total retail sales and spending $14 more than an average sale.

That number currently sits at 249,552 and is expecting to tick over to a quarter of a million within the week.

Caity Smith, the Digital Marketing & Design Specialist for Liquor Legends told TheShout that the main benefit of the Rewards Program is the customer loyalty it brings.

“It’s proven time and time again that shoppers who have access to the Rewards Program consistently spend more, they spend more frequently and they are particularly loyal compared to those who don’t have the Rewards program. This is because they are saving money, they are accruing points, and so they are going to keep coming back,” she said.

The new Rewards App simplifies the way these customers can accrue and redeem these points across multiple stores.

“It is really user friendly, it’s a really cool app to be honest. It just completely replaces the need for the physical Rewards Member cards and you can link all of your different store cards to the one app, so it’s completely seamless and you can use it at all the different locations where you shop.”

While the app doesn’t make the cards superfluous it streamlines the process. Customers just scan the barcode relevant to the store they are in to accrue and redeem points.

“Then on top of the normal benefits they have with the physical card they also have access to a store locater and can update their contact preferences to opt in or out of our communications,” explained Smith.

Also going live today is a refreshed website as the banner group strives to put a greater emphasis on engaging through its digital platforms.

“There are a few other things up our sleeves that we can’t really talk about at the moment but we’re just putting a real emphasis on digital and engaging our consumers through this whole new platform,” she said.

The launches coincide with the group’s National Conference which kicks off today and we will bring an update on next week.

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