By James Atkinson

The term 'compliance' is badly used by retail banner groups in the liquor industry, according to Liquor Legends boss John Carmody, who takes a different approach with his members.

Carmody, of the 300-strong banner group, told TheShout it is more important to communicate and train staff and support the businesses "than it is to beat the stick".

"I think you've got to have some really strong standards and a focus on the quality of what you're executing in the outlets, but I think 'compliance' is a badly used term within the industry," he said.

"It might work for some – it certainly doesn't work for me."

Carmody said the Liquor Legends approach is to invest heavily into its business development managers and its best practice standards manual, 'Winning in Retail'.

"That's what works for us. I think people respond much better to respect and consistency than someone taking an approach of, 'you have to do it this way because I told you so'," he said.

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