By Amy Looker

Liquor retailers will now be given the opportunity to train their staff via a new online training course launched today at the Australian Liquor Stores Association (ALSA) conference.

A joint initiative between ALSA and registered training organisation, AusTrain, the training course will be known as ALSA Train, and will replace the Retail Liquor Development Foundation (RLDF), which was established in 2004.

Trainer, Peter Hall, said that the new online format offers incredible ease of training at the click of a button and also has the benefit of massive cost savings to liquor store owners. 

"We make sure that we bring the best of face-to-face training and put it in an online, modular format where the obvious advantage is that someone can do it for 10 minutes at a time at either home or at work," Hall told TheShout.

"The content has been updated, so it's like RLDF on steroids. This will be the latest and up to date course content available with audio and visuals, which means you're able to do a lot more and get people's attention."

ALSA Train will offer 10 units online, which include retail store layout, financials, people and staff management, and marketing principles.

Completion of the 10 units will then allow the trainee to take on a Certificate 4, which can be finished through AusTrain.

Federal government funding has been supplied to ALSA Train, but employers will also need to contribute towards the program.


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