The Liquor Marketing Group is helping independent retailers to understand and maximise the premiumisation trend, particularly in the spirits category.

Speaking at the LMG state conference in Queensland this week, the group’s National Category Manager for Beer, Spirits and RTD, Scot Hayman, highlighted the Premium Spirits Program and how it is helping retailers with margins and with making the most of this important industry trend.

“We have had a highly successful Premium Spirits Program running for a couple of years and this is where the growth is coming from in the spirits category. The message that I have for members is that the spirits category is in good shape,” Hayman said.

“The really good news is that over the last quarter, the top three spirits segments, Dark Rum, Scotch Whisky and Bourbon are all in back in growth.

“There are a number of things driving that growth, but two key elements are one-litre spirits and premium products. One-litre spirits across every single sub-category are in growth and it is the one-litre format that is helping to keep brands in growth; that’s how important this format is now,” Hayman told the conference.

While encouraging retailers to make sure they have a good range of one-litre spirits to meet different consumer occasions, Hayman also spoke about the other major source of growth in the spirits category for LMG, which is its Premium Spirits Program.

“We have an excellent program in place and it is currently in growth, so what do we do to make sure that growth keeps going? This is the platform that allows members to leverage premiumisation within the spirits category. We have reviewed the program’s products and we have updated it to make sure we have the right range to take the program forward.

“To help with that we are also going to improve the program’s point of sale (PoS) materials for members, this includes the communication, the information and the PoS selling statements, plus we have identified a signature drink for each product.

“We are also producing a premium spirits brochure which will help further educate members and their staff about this key area and the products that we will be working with.”

Hayman highlighted some of the brands that will form part of the next phase of LMG’s Premium Spirits Program and he also had a positive message for members about the spirits category.

“With this update to the Premium Spirits Program and the massive opportunities for growth from one-litre bottles the spirits category is in really good shape and there is plenty of growth to come from the category over the coming years.”

Andy Young

Andy joined Intermedia as Editor of The Shout in 2015, writing news on a daily basis and also writing features for National Liquor News. Now Managing Editor of both The Shout and Bars and Clubs.

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