By Clyde Mooney – editor Australian Hotelier

South Australia’s controversial ‘late night code’ came into effect yesterday, affecting every late-night venue in the state.

Following an unsuccessful Supreme Court challenge by two Adelaide venues, the new rules aiming to curb alcohol-related violence in and around licensed premises became active on October 1.

The new measures comprise lockouts that prevent new or returning patrons from entering licensed premises after 3am, as well as bans on drink promotions, shots, doubles and glassware in the early hours. 

AHA SA CEO Ian Horne told TheShout that the Association maintains that a state-wide lockout is unnecessary and complicates operations for many venues not considered a ‘problem’.

But he said the AHA will nonetheless support the measures, which resulted from an extensive consultation process with licensees, industry bodies, SA Police and the community. 

 “As a result of that consultation and compromises we have sign-off on the late night code as a package,” he said. 

“The AHA is now assisting members in coming to terms with the requirements and obligations of the code.”

“However, we have an expectation that the impact of the lockout will be monitored closely and revisited if it proves to be more of a burden than a benefit,” said Horne.

Also beginning this month are new rules over the sale of alcohol in Coober Pedy in the State’s north and some surrounding indigenous areas. 

Banned are sales of cask wine, and bottled wine and spirit sales will be limited to one bottle per person per day. All takeaway sales of alcohol will be disallowed to anyone from defined ‘prescribed lands’. 

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