By Adrian Thomas

A recent study conducted by Roy Morgan Research reveals the consumption of low-carb beer has exploded in Australia with young men aged 18-24 the largest consumers. 

It's been a decade since Australia witnessed its first low-carb beer, and in 2006 low-carb drinkers accounted for just three per cent of the country's beer intake. The recent study indicates it now comprises almost one quarter of Australian's drinking beer over an average four weeks.

In addition, the recent results revealed that low-carb beer is now consumed by 8.5 per cent of Australians who are of drinking age roughly amounting to over 1.5 million Aussies.

Roy Morgan group research director, Angela Smith said: "Since that distant day more than a decade ago when Australia's first low-carb beer, Pure Blonde, hit the shelves, the range of low-carb beers on the market has exploded."

Seen as an unlikely demographic, the recent study indicates "men aged between 18 and 24 (not generally a weight-conscious bunch) are the most likely age group of either gender to drink low-carb beer, with 20% consuming it in an average four weeks," Smith said.

She added: "As men in this age range are less likely than men of any other age to drink beer in general, this is quite noteworthy — and category leader Carlton Dry has clearly recognised the opportunity it presents, aiming their playful ‘Hello Beer' advertising campaign squarely at this demographic."

The study also revealed that only one quarter of low-carb beer drinkers are women (about average for beer drinking in general), and men aged under 35 years easily outnumber those aged 50+ (33% vs 21% of total low-carb beer drinkers respectively).

West Australians topped the list of leading low-carb drinkers at 11 per cent, with Queensland just behind at 10 per cent. Tasmanians are least likely with six per cent of its beer drinkers consuming the low-carb beverage.  

Pure Blonde has maintained the top spot for most of low-carb beer's existence until recently when rival Carlton Dry surpassed it in December 2014.

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