Giving something back is a great way to boost customer loyalty. Memberships and special offers go a long way in getting patrons to your venue, and keep them coming back; find the right tools to do this effectively and you’ve got yourself a popular hub.
Vectron brings to you a Bar-Hotel POS system complete with a unique PLU free product management and an unmatched Marketing module which lets you promote loyalty through vouchers and memberships, backed with powerful reporting.
Vouchers or loyalty cards can be programmed to load drinks, meals, discounts and points, giving you great flexibility with the kind of promo you want to run, whether product based, value based or even tied to patrons’ monthly spend. The member database sits within the software and provides a number of tracking options such as visits, preferences, birthdays, etc so that you can target your promos effectively. Fully automated, the issue of vouchers 
is triggered by pre fed system data, leaving no room for human error or misuse, ensuring that each transaction is accounted for, down to the cent.
The Bar-Hotel software can be teamed up with Vectron’s stylish, robust terminals, or can run on existing compatible hardware. You can also add a second screen facing your customer to help up-sell and promote profitable items.
What’s more, Vectron’s running its own special promotion: If you come on board before 31 August 2012, Vectron will shout you an add-on customer display* to give your promotions an extra boost.

*Visit for full terms and conditions or call Vectron POS on 1300 530 509 and quote ‘Our Shout promo’ for more details.

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