Get things done faster and easier with LRS paging solutions. Help streamline your business and improve customer flow so you can focus on what really matters and bring peace of mind to your business. Since the beginning, LRS has remained dedicated to developing technologies that help enhance the customer experience, increase customer loyalty and improve service with integrated tools and applications.

LRS has decades of Operational Know-How and Excellence in providing product solutions for EVERY industry; the systems are simple and reliable which help streamline communications between guests and staff to enable increased productivity and greater customer satisfaction.

Understanding the importance of communicating with staff and guests simply and efficiently is crucial to a business’s success. LRS guest and staff pagers give you a non-obtrusive, discreet alternate way for notifying customers and staff when they’re needed.

Traditional paging systems are simple to operate, they deliver messages instantly and customers immediately understand how to respond once notified. For those looking for a more robust communications solution, LRS paging system APIs make it easy to integrate into other business applications such as POS systems.

LRS Pagers keep your staff aware and connected with each other and guests, ensuring better all-round service

Precisely pinpoint where your customers are. Table Tracker gives you more options for how to locate customers that can be used in any number of places and a number of ways.

Table Tracker allows multiple displays that are fully functional and synchronised. Give To-Go counters an independent view to help manage their orders, dine-in food runners can view and manage just theirs and the kitchen can have a panel to see it all.

Table Tracker collects important data so restaurant managers know how they’re performing over time and across multiple locations, allowing corporate offices to compare and contrast unit performance, ensure quality, and measure locations against goals with in-app and cloud reporting.

Improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by implementing one of many available and customisable wireless push-for-service systems by LRS. These durable and modern devices were designed to make calling for assistance easier – whether it’s from staff-to-staff or guest-to-staff.

Giving employees or guests the ability to notify someone without leaving their location, such as a beach chair, waiting room or table, not only increases customer or patient satisfaction levels, but improves productivity, thus increasing your bottom line.

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