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Guy Bredin, the manager of the Liquor Stores Association NSW's liquor store of the year has said he will continue thinking outside of the square and keep improving in 2016.

Speaking to the National Liquor News Annual Industry Leaders Forum, Bredin also addressed some of the challenges he feels his store and the industry will face this year.

Asked how he plans to differentiate in 2016, Bredin said: "Continue to think outside the square, not follow the crowd and be different that’s for sure. Windang Liquor prides itself in being an independent and we will maintain and improve our service delivery, introduce new products that are unique and not readily accessible in the wider market that is exclusive. 

"These ideas coupled with sound marketing strategies and most importantly to keep improving.  Simply put, by continuing to do what we do best: offering fair price, friendly service and exceptional product knowledge."

As for the biggest challenges of the year, Bredin added: "I recognise that there will be challenges particularly given that the liquor industry in general is constantly under pressure, for instance from grass-roots anti-alcohol lobbying groups. This filters into various industry players not just Windang Liquor.  

"What Windang Liquor will work hard towards is changing and working toward changes to slowly change public perception in that we recognise the importance of responsible service of alcohol and slowly we are educating the community."

For more from Bredin on these challenges, as well as his thoughts on the trends for the industry and support from suppliers for independent retailers read the February edition of National Liquor News. The Annual Industry Leaders Forum features interviews with many leaders in the Australian Liquor industry across retailers, producers and associations.

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