Lyre’s has partnered with acclaimed French DJ David Guetta to increase the accessibility of non-alcoholic options across the globe.

Guetta is passionate about increasing the availability of non-alcoholic options, especially in the live music scene.

“We’re about to change the party scene together. Now everyone can enjoy great-tasting drinks without alcohol, no matter where you are – at a bar, a club, or just chilling at home. It’s all about inclusivity and freedom of choice,” said Guetta.

As a non-drinker himself, Guetta speaks openly about the challenges abstaining from alcohol can pose when he is touring, where non-alcoholic options may be limited to water or soft drink.

“There’s always that ‘cheers’ moment at events. Many people think it’s bad luck to cheers with water, but Lyre’s offers a non-alcoholic alternative that allows me to enjoy the moment with a quality drink, without consuming alcohol,” Guetta said.

The partnership with Lyre’s aims to make premium non-alcoholic beverages more widely available and make moderation more accessible. Available in over 40 markets across the world, the Lyre’s range includes non-alcoholic versions of classic spirits, a range of ready-to-drink cocktails, and the award-winning Italian-style Classico Sparkling. Lyre’s products use natural essences, extracts, and distillates to match the aroma, taste, and appearance of traditional alcoholic drinks.

Carl Hartmann, Lyre’s Co-Founder, is excited about the partnership.

“I’m excited and privileged to announce our partnership with David Guetta. As one of the greatest DJs and producers of all time, and with over 100mil engaged fans worldwide across all social networks, I can think of no one better to help us on our mission to change how the world drinks,” Hartmann said.

The popularity of no and low alcohol drinks is supported by growing public awareness of health and well-being, particularly among young adults, with 35 per cent of alcohol drinkers concerned about the effects of alcohol on their health. Among 18- to 34-year-olds, this increases to 53 per cent.

“With David’s following worldwide, performing at top nightclubs and festivals, I’m looking forward to working together to introduce Lyre’s onto menus at venues globally. This will allow people to have better-for-you options when they are out watching their favourite artists perform and always have the option to feel included,” Hartmann said.

“I am super happy to announce my partnership with Lyre’s. We are the number one trending non-alcoholic spirit brand. Together, we’re on a mission to change the way the world drinks and to remove any stigma associated with choosing not to consume alcohol. It’s all about inclusivity and freedom of choice,” Guetta added.

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