La Diablada is a blended Pisco from a private reserve of Quebranta, Muscatel and award-winning Italia and Torontel  grapes and naturally reduced to 40%. 

The blend of mostly aromatic grapes, which are blended from batches of single distillates, lends a musty vanilla rose petal quality to the abundant fragrance, which is grounded with a grilled lime essence. As you sip, the floral qualities continue but darken to a taste more akin to violets mingling with wet stone. 

La Diablada is named after an Andean spiritual dance re-enacting a legendary fight between angels and demons. Just as the dance strives to achieve perfect harmony, this blend achieves a sumptuous balance of bold aromas and round flavours. This is a very well-balanced and interesting spirit that expands and surprises with each new sip.

La Diablada is an award winning Pisco, recognized as one of the best in Peru.

Also available: Macchu Pisco 100% Quebranta 700ml, 40%

Imported and distributed by CERBACO.COM.AU 03 9646 8022

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