Premium Irish cider brand Magners has just launched a new cider  called Magners Blonde which is now the lowest low-carb cider on the market. 

The overall demand for cider in the Australian market has grown over the last three years, but more recently value growth has plateaued. Magners Blonde aims to build value back in to this category by recruiting new drinkers into cider and also increasing frequency of current cider consumers.

By directly targeting health conscious Australians, Magners Blonde continues to build on the “relatively better for you” trend which is so prevalent in drinks and food today.

The amount of carbs in any given beverage is increasingly driving both consideration and purchase. With that in mind, Magners Blonde aims to offer a significant point-of-difference for the carb-conscious summer drinker…

Not only does Magners Blonde have a remarkable 85% less carbohydrates than most other ciders or beers (a single 330ml bottle packs only 2.64g), it also contains 75% less than the closest other low-carb cider on the market. 

Better yet, Magners Blonde holds 40% less calories (93 cal per 330ml bottle) than most other beers or ciders and only 0.01g of sugar.

As ever, taste remains paramount to the brand – Magners Blonde doesn’t sacrifice any of the brand’s unique flavour. In fact, it’s still crafted using the same 17 types of apple grown in Magners’ orchards. It’s still blended in their iconic factory in Clonmel, Ireland. And it still delivers that  real cider taste.

In order to alert and inform cider-drinking Australian males of Magners Blonde’s unique low-carb proposition, the launch of the new line will be supported by a fun and slightly irreverent new creative campaign and an online content platform which will be promoted digitally.

Magners Blonde low-carb cider will be widely available in Australia from November onwards in four-packs of 330ml bottles (RRP $13.99).

For more information on Magners Blonde sales and distribution, please contact your local Bacardi representative.

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