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Bacardi Lion is introducing a new member into the Magners family, Magners Blonde, a new low carb cider, available from 5 November.

Magners Blonde has a 4.5 per cent ABV and will be available in 330ml bottles both on- and off-premise. It will initially launch through key retailers and will build distribution throughout November.

Denis Brown, managing director of Bacardi-Lion said: "Cider has experienced fantastic growth over the last few years. In Australia we know we’re a nation that cares about what we’re consuming and what’s contained within the liquid. So there was a clear opportunity in low carb and low calorie cider to further develop the category.

"As an alternative to regular cider. Magners Blonde offers drinkers a more sessionable cider that they can enjoy without the concern of a high carb or sugar intake."

Magners Blonde is crafted using the same 17 varieties of apples grown in the Magners orchards and then blended in their cidery in Clonmel, Ireland. The company says that Magners Blonde delivers "a real cider taste but without the high sugar and carbs of regular cider". 

At launch, Magners Blonde will be available in 330ml x4 and 24 pack cases.

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  1. This stuff tastes disgusting, there is no listing of ingredients on the bottle but tastes like it contain artificial sweetener of some description. I had 3 sips and tipped the rest down the sink. Artificial sweeteners, (9550 and 951 in particular are the most toxic food additives around. do your own research on this, google “aspartame” I am already feeling nauseous from this. Never again. No warning of the presence of these poisons is deceptive at best.

    I have not yet found a good low carb cider but this is by far the worst cider I have ever tasted.

  2. ^ my suspicions exactly after having tasted it myself.
    it tastes like an alcoholic version of sprite zero if the citric taste was substituted apple flavor. lab poison *avoid*

  3. I tried it recently and I think it has Stevia the natural sugar replacement. But It is still a bad flavour.
    Not for me.

  4. I am pissed off royally!
    I am doing normally anything to avoid crap like this!
    What a waste of time!
    Not even the warning for phenylcetonuriac!!
    Shame on you!!

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