Make your TVs work three times as hard

Emstream’s new BarVision system lets you turn your TV screens into powerful promotional tools – without disturbing or displacing their entertainment function.

You can create and run your own ad breaks right alongside regular TV programs. No extra screens are needed; simply plug your existing Pay TV, free-to-air TV or music videos into BarVision.

With a few clicks BarVision lets you create fully-animated ads (or import existing ones) and schedule them either to run alongside your TV or to run full-screen. It’s easy to schedule ads and offers in the future to match your promotional program.

BarVision is a computer-based system developed by Emstream, known for its premium background music service. As CEO Mark Schroeder said “There’s no point putting up extra screens just to carry ads as some people do; who watches a screen just running ads? Nor does it help running endless boring loops of surfing and the like. You want to run your ads, promos, events and menus on the screens where customers’ eyes are…on your main screens. That’s how to really drive your business. Using BarVision your own messages coexist with the live TV programs that people want to watch. It’s easy to manage multiple screens and even multiple venues through BarVision’s secure management interface which is web-based so you can access it from any online computer.”

BarVision works with any file formats, stills, animated or video so you can add real punch. Complimenting the service, Emstream offers a range of animated ad templates.

Emstream also offers music video and an ambient video channel, each significantly higher-quality than competitive offerings. With clients such as Keystone Group, Merivale Group, Drinx Group, Hugo’s, Katarzyna and Solotel Group, Emstream can be relied on to deliver the best-in-class.

For more information visit BarVision online.

Or call Huw Ellis at Emstream on 02 9280 2135

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