Mandatory Spirit Co has launched a sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan range in one-litre Tetra Pak aseptic carton packages.

The Tetra Pak packaging allow the drinks to stay safe and taste fresh for up to 18 months unrefrigerated. Additionally, the carton packaging is durable, making shipping and transport more economical. The flavours include apple and vodka and grape and vodka.

Mandatory Spirit Co. co-founder Mark Collins is enthusiastic about the release.

“We are excited to announce the launch of our new spirits in a 1L aseptic Tetra Pak carton. By creating these products in a carton, Aussies can have a bit of fun drinking their favourite cocktails, while purchasing and disposing of the packaging in a far more sustainable way. They’re also perfect to take to picnics or parties whilst also not having to worry about the weight or safety associated with carrying around a glass bottle,” said Collins

Jaymie Pagdato, Marketing Director of Tetra Pak is pleased with the partnership.

“Tetra Pak is always looking for likeminded brands with shared goals and visions when it comes to bringing exciting product innovations into the market, as well as advancing the circular economy in Australia. We are thrilled to partner with a local, brand like Mandatory Spirit Co. in bringing a new product into the Australia’s beverage industry with our innovative and sustainable packaging,” said Pagdato.

Carton packaging is a sustainable option for environmentally concerned consumers, with one-litre cartons having up to five times less impact on climate change than glass and more than two times the traditional PET of bottled beverages. PET can be recycled at kerbside collection points, where they can be transported to saveBOARD recycling facility and turned into sustainable building materials for homes and offices.

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