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Sydney bar and restaurant group Merivale today unveils the sixth instalment of March Into Merivale, its massive multi-venue food and beverage showcase. 

This year's ‘March Into Merivale’ will run until mid-April, with over 60 events taking place in the group’s pubs, bars and restaurants. 

The eight weeks of culinary experiences aim to expose guests to Merivale’s strong focus on experiential fine-dining, with celebrated venues such as Mr Wong and The Fish Shop joining celebrity executive chef Peter Doyle at the hatted est. and voluminous ivy to bring together patrons, chefs, bartenders and sommeliers.   

In a recent interview* with Australian Hotelier, Merivale CEO Justin Hemmes (pictured) stressed that he embraces variety in Sydney’s venue offerings. 

“Diversity encourages more people to go out at night, and more frequently,” said Hemmes. “It creates a better culture around going to these venues, rather than just a Friday or Saturday night.

“Now in its sixth year, March into Merivale continues to grow bigger, better and more delicious than ever. This year, our talented chefs have taken a step back in time with the memories that first ignited their passion for cooking.” 

The “Born to Cook” theme encompasses a number of specialty events drawn from the chefs’ upbringing, such as Dan Hong’s memories of his mother preparing chicken on the kitchen floor with a cleaver, and Patrick “Phat Pat” Friesen’s early obsession with butter.

Not to be outdone on the drinks front, Palmer & Co will present group bar manager Paul Mant hosting ‘Mixology 101’ for the cocktail devotees, ‘Beer at Beresford’ will attract the brew-lovers, and ivy Bottle Shop is offering a master class on international Pinot. 

*For more on the Hemmes interview, see the Jan/Feb “Leaders Forum” edition of Australian Hotelier. 

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