Promoting the release of Matilda Bay’s new beer, Hazy Lager, the brand has adopted an unusual marketing approach. Acknowledging that consumers are often loyal to their favourite beers, Matilda Bay is encouraging Australians to try the Hazy Lager, without competing against other Australian favourites.

As part of the new campaign, the beer brand is offering consumers the chance to win a stack of prizes from popular competitors including VB, Carlton Draught, Carlton Dry and Great Nothern.

By purchasing a Hazy Lager, consumers will have the opportunity to get their hands on a selection of prizes including a VB massage chair, Carlton Draught beer fridge, Great Northern fishing kit and more.

The Hazy Lager uses an unfiltered brewing process to give a signature haze and full flavour, with Matilda Bay telling consumers “sure, it’ll taste a little different to your favourites, but it’s smooth and easy, and perfect for when you feel like something a little different.”

Benjamin Cairns, Head of Marketing at Matilda Bay, explains why the brand would push another beer as people’s first choice.

“It’s an unorthodox promotion for sure, but we’re having a bloody good laugh about it and happy to push Hazy Lager as a damn solid second choice for drinkers next to some of the country’s biggest and most loved beer brands.”

To find out which pubs and bottle shops are participating, visit:

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