Matilda Bay has dusted off the original recipe for its Alpha Pale Ale, from 1999 and is re-releasing the beer for a limited time.

Awarded Brewer’s Choice Best Champion Australian Beer since 2012 by the Australian International Beer Awards in 2020, Matilda Bay’s Alpha Pale Ale is a highly awarded beers in the country but hasn’t been brewed in large amounts since 2018.

According to Matilda Bay’s Head Brewer, Alpha is one beer a lot of craft beer drinkers have been asking for, for some time.

“I’ve heard many people refer to Alpha as their ‘epiphany beer’ – it was the first beer that made them think ‘this is what pale ale can be like’,” Harry said.

“It was first brewed by the Matilda Bay brewers in 1999, inspired by the best pale ales around at the time. It’s quite a simple beer – it’s not too complex which is part of its beauty. It’s lovely and balanced and focuses on fresh hops and caramel malts.”

Matilda Bay Founder Phil Sexton said he had enormous respect for the beer’s original brewer, Brad Rogers, and so the new release will still be brewed to the original recipe.

“Alpha is a fantastic beer. It’s beautifully put together and was very successful for Matilda Bay Brewing Co. It was the first Australian pale to take out the beer competitions for quite a few years successively. The biggest fans were the brewing professionals themselves and that speaks volumes about the quality of the beer,” he said.

“It’s a pale ale in the real, classic sense of a pale, with great balance and drinkability”.

Tasting notes describe the aroma as “fresh spicy citrus and exotic spice dust, derived from fresh hops sourced from around the world. The palate is firm with malted sweetness, refreshing bitterness and a long finish”.

Alpha Pale Ale, at 5.2 per cent ABV, will be available at Liquorland, First Choice and Vintage Cellars stores nationally from 13 October for a limited time only. It will also be available on tap at the Matilda Bay Brewery in Healesville, Victoria in accordance with ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

Andy Young

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