From the moment a patron enters a venue (or even your carpark) the opportunity to initial customer engagement and build your loyalty program is created.  Patrons become the best ambassadors so the better the engagement the better the endorsement will be from them.

Often it’s seen as a cumbersome and time consuming to build a loyalty program and not something every pub needs.  At Bepoz we beg to differ on that point, everyone wants a successful business whether you are the owner of a single venue or a multi venue operator.

Building a loyalty program this year is simple with Bepoz POS platform providing everything you need plus great new app coming shortly.

Our handy new sign up app allowing venues to capture new member details instantly. Fully integrated with Bepoz, member records sync instantly with the POS allowing venues to manage them through their normal membership routines.

SMS and Email Campaigns
Automate your messaging to members on their birthday, anniversary, promote events and meal deals all simply tied into Bepoz.

Whether you run a tier membership with annual fees or a basic program management with Bepoz is simple. Customer profiling is key to building your program and the ability to greet members by name, celebrate their birthdays or anniversary is all at your fingertips. Let them know their favourite red wine is on special or send them a voucher. It’s all part of the service.

Vouchers and Marketing
Create, target and track marketing campaigns with the Bepoz fully integrated marketing solution. All your vouchering and marketing campaigns are pre-programmed with automated activation.  All you need to do is sit back and track their success.

So why not maximise your businesses marketing potential with Bepoz.  For a short time only we are offering free set up of all marketing, loyalty and membership features. Plus we’ll include 250 loyalty cards and a 32 GB iPad* for the JoinApp. Terms and Conditions Apply. For more information visit or call our Sales Team on 1300 023 769.

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