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A new Melbourne single malt  whisky distillery was among those represented in SouthTrade International's travelling Whiskies of the World show that kicked off in Sydney last week.

Operating from a former Qantas maintenance hangar, New World Distillery poached qualified brewers from local microbreweries, and boasts "the freedom to explore the possibilities of what whisky can be". 

"We have tried to take the best of the old/best of the new approach to our production process," said David Vitale, New World founder and CEO. 

"At the end of the day it is a single malt whisky, so there are only a few things you can work with to create something modern and different, but we did try and approach each stage of the production process with an open mind – looking at ways to improve the process."

Through SouthTrade's distribution network, New World is currently rolling out the whisky nationally, with the first pallet having left the distillery last Thursday.

SouthTrade's Whiskies of the World show is being hosted by renowned international bar master Gee David, who takes guests through a selection of Buichladdich Scotch expressions, a portfolio of Buffalo Trace bourbons, and New World's flagship Starward Malt Whisky.

With the storage shed painted black to absorb heat from the sun and the district's strong temperature fluctuation, the new whisky is showing remarkable character for its age. 

"The highly variable climate in Melbourne is a key advantage to barrel maturation, but can play havoc with fermentation. Our fermenters are jacketed, which enables control of the temperature of fermentation in extreme conditions – ensuring a consistent wash and flavour profile," said Vitale.

The product is produced in two very small batch copper pot stills with an unusual adjustable reflux level, allowing the brewers to hone in on the delicate upper esters. 

Starward Malt Whisky tasting notes: Big orchard fruit nose of apples and pears with sweet butterscotch and anise; a mild biscuity malt character, and oily note round out the aroma; massive buttery sweetness from the malt fills the mouth, with a peppery, warming, dry finish.

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