By Ian Neubauer

The Victorian Government has ordered a review of Melbourne’s table top dancing bars and is considering new liquor restrictions for venues offering sexually explicit services.

“It’s interesting that with brothels we don’t allow alcohol on the premises … for good policy reasons,” AAP reported Victorian minister for Consumer Affairs, Tony Robinson, saying. “But it seems we blur that distinction a bit with these venues.”

Robinson reiterated that he was not seeking to ban liquor in strip bars, saying he simply wanted to ensure they did not impact the public’s right to “walk the streets safely”.

The announcement follows a weekend of alcohol-related crime in Melbourne that claimed the lives of two nightclub goers. It also comes in the wake of fallout from an unpopular trial lockout that left the Victorian premier and licensing authorities with egg on their faces.

Men’s Gallery and Centrefold Lounge owner, Peter Iwaniuk, said he was flabbergasted by Robinson’s statement, describing it as a knee-jerk reaction designed to generate political mileage.

“They clearly haven’t learned from the 2:00am lockout fiasco. It is irresponsible and anti-community,” he said. 

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