By James Atkinson

Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) CEO Ari Mervis had to put on a XXXX-emblazoned Queensland Maroons State of Origin jersey after losing a bet with his adversary at Lion, James Brindley.

Mervis and Brindley had made a wager that the loser of the State of Origin series would wear the other team's jersey. [continued below]

The CUB boss paid up on the bet at this month's Brewers Association board meeting in New Zealand.

During a break in the meeting Mervis swallowed his VB New South Wales Blues pride and donned the Maroons shirt, as Brindley revelled in his team's impressive 8-0 record.

But Mervis had a dig of his own, with his CUB-designed Maroons shirt trumpeting Victoria Bitter's reclaimed status as the country's number one beer.

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